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How to convert youtube video to mp3 ringtone

Mar 15, 2020 by William Lewis.

Actually, the creation of ringtones from any of the audio files out there on the local PC. One just needs to browse for the various media files that one would want to send as a ringtone eventually. Users now literally have a plethora of options to choose from, hence it becomes very important for them to choose amongst so many options and boil down to one option the end.  Once the person has chosen the ringtone, one can then easily start editing this ringtone. If you are someone who would want to set up a youtube song to an mp4 ringtone, then you have landed at the right place. 

Here we have curated some of the very effective ways of how one can easily convert YouTube video to mp3 ringtone:

  1. Creating a ringtone right from your phone is not a very tough task. You can easily create it from the audio file or directly from the PC. One just needs to browse through the various media files that he or she wants to set as a ring tone and then wait for it to complete. Once its over, all that a user has to do is to, start editing the ring tone. In case, the user would want to create the ringtone from a YouTube video then one can easily just copy and then paste the URL into the empty field. The user will just need to wait for a few seconds for the final script to download and the video to get converted. 
  2. Another way is to, go on downloading the videos or the music you like from YouTube, which is one of the most popular websites for video streaming. One just has to use the various different types of videos, download it, paste the URL and use the various software to convert it. 
In case if you are an iPhone user, and you are finding it very hard to convert a YouTube video into an iPhone Ring tone on iTunes, then you do not need to worry at all. It is one of the simplest things which will not even take much time of yours. You should simply, follow these simple steps which we have curated for you to make it work for you in a very easy way. 

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Here are the steps:

1. The first step is the basic one, the individual will need to go on YouTube and search for the specific video, he or she would want to make as a ringtone. 

2. Just simply copy and paste the URL into the MP3 Converter.  3. Once this is done, the user needs to download the Mp3 into Itunes.  4. Simply, open up Itunes right click on the ‘New Mp3 File’.  5. Go to the Drop-down menu, and simply click on the ‘Get Info’ option.  6. Then next go to the ‘Options’ and start to Edit and immediately stop the time to fit into the Ringtone length. Here the user has the access to choose which part of the song he or she wants to make as a ringtone.  7. Highlight the file of Mp3 into the iTunes and then click on ‘File’ Which can be found on the menu bar in the upper left of the screen.  8. In the Menu of the Drop-Down Menu, click on the ‘Convert’ and choose the version ‘Create AAC’.  9. Change the file extension from .m4a to .m4r 10. Drag the file to the desired location, rename the file and drop to Itunes.