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“Nice girls don’t make very good drama”

Dec 10, 2019 by William Lewis.

Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone talk their new movie, The Favourite, the #MeToo movement one year on and how “niceness” plagues women on screen. Rachel Weisz is not optimistic about how far #MeToo has come. When we meet, it’s almost been one year to the day since Ronan Farrow broke the Harvey Weinstein story in The New Yorker, and the world is reflecting on how the movement has changed and disrupted the power and misogyny of men, particularly in Hollywood. “I don’t think it should be a celebration,” explains Weisz, of her possibly controversial statement. “It’s more about strength in...


Dec 17, 2019 by Hamza Sheraz.


Netflix Upcoming Seasons 2020 Release Dates

Dec 25, 2019 by Hamza Sheraz.

New Year, New Netflix: Creating its extensive library, this streaming giant has created a platform to add more exciting movies and TV shows to its platform. With the return of Bo Jack the Horseman, exciting new screens such as Sabrina and Sex Education's Chilling Adventures, A Fall from Grace and Clut Drama Messiah. January 1st January  The Messiah is a new thrilling film about a man who is a massive fan of the people who thinks he is a divine Messiah, but in the process becomes a threat to international security. Spinning Out In this new Netflix ice skating...


The amazing guide to laser treatments for women of color

Dec 19, 2019 by William Lewis.

Since I am a lady of shading, I've generally been advised to be careful about laser medicines. While they can be extraordinary and have significant skin benefits (diminishing redness, lighting up the skin, and for all time evacuating hair), they can accompany negative symptoms—particularly for those of us with darker skin tones. Up until this point, laser medications have been known to cause staining, consumes, or rankles more much of the time in ethnic minorities than their white companions. Yet, fortunately, developments in laser treatment gadgets are evolving that. As an all-inclusive trip, specialists state to consistently do your examination...


Star Wars series is going to End with "Star War: Rise of Skywalker"

Dec 20, 2019 by admin.

  In this latest TV spot from Lucas Field, we find some title cards that tell us, "The saga will be over." This should not be too surprising. You can only have three movies in the triangle, right?   This trailer plays into the idea of ​​things to come. Not only do we hear that Mark Hammel talks about destiny, but we also hear ThreePeo say something about seeing his friends "one last time." This may mean that this is the last ride of the fast protocol Droid. On the other hand, the trailers of The Force Awakens and The...