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FAKE GLASSES– The Accessories in Trend

Mar 16, 2020 by William Lewis.

Everyone has been raving about modern fake glasses and how they are redefining fashion. Each year a trend makes headlines, and this year to trends like fashion glasses, also known as fake glasses, have made a sensation revolution on how we see eyeglasses. Glasses have gone from a traditional sight correction device to an ultimate fashion accessory. So don’t be so surprised if your friend shows up in a quirky pair of glasses even if they have a sharp vision because it might be his unique style. Fashion is what makes us happy, and it is a vital tool in life to make an impression on people. Glasses perfectly achieve that; it’s something that stays on your face, draws attention and makes you look fashionable, chic, elegant, nerdy, or intelligent.  People like someone fashionable, and without any justified reason, they always react well towards people who look smart or reliable. Fashion glasses with clear lenses might be something that would help achieve it. If you are late to the party, then let me tell you that glasses have always been an underrated fashionable piece of accessory but what if you don’t have a vision problem and still want to wear glasses. That’s where fake glasses with clear lenses come to the rescue. 

What are Fake glasses and why are they immensely popular?

Fake glasses are what they sound like, glasses without any corrective eye lens. It is also called glasses without prescription because these glasses don’t have any real prescription in their lenses. They are nothing different than regular glasses as they have frames, temples, nose pads, and lenses, but the lens contains no value for eyesight correction. It’s like when you see your brother or a friend wearing glasses and looking pretty adorable; you feel the curiosity to wear it and see how it looks on you. Well! Your wish came true. These glasses have no number for vision correction but, instead, have a clear lens. Fake glasses are nothing but fashionable glasses with a clear lens, and their fashion lies in the brilliant design of the frames. The frames do the magic of fashion and draw attention with its modern or timeless design. It’s become a massive trend among people with 20/20 vision to wear fake glasses as a style statement. These glasses have turned into an ultimate accessory for conveying a sophisticated and smart appearance. Eyewear trend has been a transformational movement that has helped to glamourize your wardrobe. A pair of fake glasses for men helps to nail an interview or give an effective speech where people actually listen to your advice and utilize them. These glasses help you look reliable and smart and give you the confidence to deliver any task.

Hold on and think for a moment. 

What do all geniuses like Steve Jobs, John Lennon, Bill Gates, etc., have most in common? Glasses. That’s correct; glasses automatically give the character of someone smart and trustworthy just by a glance. Not only just a confident appearance but also work as a sophisticated accessory that is considered to be attractive.  The glasses not only cover your eyes but also highlight your cheekbones and give your face shape a good structure. These qualities added up to make glasses such a trend worldwide. That’s why fake lens glasses are used by everyone to capture those traits and look exceptional. Attending Colleges or meetings with these fake glasses for women and men in different designs adds more volume and gives you a feeling of completeness and organized. Fake glasses clear with the lens provide equal opportunity to enjoy fashion and wear glasses even if you don’t have a prescription. They are fun, experimental, and cool to have fun around. You can always change your look with new frame design, match its color with your wardrobe selection and chic out any occasion and look your best. 

Are Fake Glasses available in every design?

Fashion glasses or fake glasses are available in every design and style you would want to match with. These glasses are entirely created to match up your fashion expectations and add more glam to your look with every casual or formal clothing. There are all sorts of fake glasses with lenses designed to offer you a runaway ready look, as these glasses are available in different colors, designs, material, and style.    ReadMore: These Sunglasses Can Record Videos and Post Straight to Social Media

Combine Fashion with Functional Protection –Digital Eye Strain Glasses 

Now that we know what fake glasses are and its purpose in building a strong fashion statement. Why not take the initiative to protect yourself as well when looking for fashion. The phone glued to your hands as you continue to use it for more than 5 to 6 hours a day harms your eyes. Recent reports showcase that digital device usage, such as computers and smartphones, resulting in significant damage to your vision. It causes eye strain, headaches, and many more syndromes that are too painful to handle.  Blue light rays are harmful rays that cause many eye problems; hence, it’s important to take protection against their constant exposure. A blue light coating is helpful in actively shielding your eyes from blue light rays from your smartphones and the sun. Now you can combat harmful effects and stay in fashion singlehandedly with digital eye strain glasses or blue light filter on your clear lens.  If you are looking for a fashionable and designer pair of fake glasses, then Specscart is the perfect place. At Specscart, you get millions of voguish designs in fake glasses for fashion that also protects you from harmful rays. It does so by providing all its lenses in FREE protective coatings like anti-glare, anti-scratch, and anti-UV and impact resistance. Look for your iconic fashion companion with our free home trial for an entire week where you can bring home any of the top four selected frames. We also care for your protection as we provide a blue light coating on the clear lens glasses. Blue light filters on fake glasses offer comfort or protection while using digital devices without any fear of blue light penetration.