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Rural and Farm Sheds

Feb 18, 2020 by William Lewis.

When constructing a new shed, the first question you may ask is, “Do I need council approval?” Your local shed builder will often have the answers to this question. However, unless the shed is going to be large, or used as a dwelling, often smaller sheds do not require approval. But now there are some rules you need to follow. Many people are concerned about adding a shed or garage to their property due to council regulations. You may not even be aware that there might be permits or approval needed before beginning construction. Trying to work out what kind of permit you need, or approval may seem like a daunting task; or if you even need a permit for your shed. However, so there are some basic rules that can help you to understand what you need to do before beginning construction on rural sheds Perth.

Our Farm Sheds Exempt from Council Approval in Western Australia?

Every council or shire has its own regulations, so there is no standard rule that applies across WA. you should contact your local council. However, So there are a few rules that apply across Western Australia that you should be aware of. In Western Australia, there are size regulations that determine whether or not you might need a permit before construction. However, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be other regulations that you may have to follow for your local council. In general, you may not need a permit for rural sheds Perth if:
  • The floor space is no more than 10 meters squared
  • The height is no more than 2.4 meters
  • The floor is no more than 500mm about natural ground level

Along with these regulations, there are other rules that can determine whether you need a permit or not, including:

  • The shed will be located behind the front setback line of the property
  • It will not interfere with vehicles site lines
  • The shed will not be constructed from masonry
  • It will be structurally sound
  • The shed will have appropriate drainage
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Will I Need a Building Licence?

Generally, sheds do not require a building license unless it falls under a different Class or size. You may need approval for sheds, garages, and workshops; however, you usually do not need a license to build one as long as you are following a few guidelines:
  • The shed must comply with the Building Code of Australia fire and safety requirements
  • The shed must be behind the property’s front setback line
  • The shed must be structurally sound
  • It must be anchored to the ground to prevent the wind from picking it up
  • The shed must comply with the size guidelines
Rural sheds Perth with a floor area larger than 10 square meters will require a building license application. Larger sheds must still comply with the prescribed boundary setbacks for the property, however. We will be able to help you with more information about your local council or higher endorsements and permits.