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How Fitness Trackers Can Barge Us Out From Our Sedentary Lifestyle

Feb 24, 2020 by William Lewis.

If you like to be a couch potato all day, you will gradually lose the strength and tone of your muscles. And if you refrain from exercising for months, it may take only a few weeks for the results to come. Changing between programs can also lead to faster results even if you engage in strength training on a regular basis. Our body consists of 300 different joints that help us to spin, twist, and bend easily. Despite the potential for such an end, we want to spend the weekend away from junk food instead of swimming in the early morning or afternoon. In such cases, a fitness watch can be our only source of salvation if we want to walk the healthy tracks of life once again. By giving us constant feedback about our health, we have the honor of increasing our motivation, which in turn motivates us to exercise with greater enthusiasm.

Working mechanism

An old-fashioned pedometer uses a simple lever mechanism that activates the switch whenever you step. In this way, they provide a precise estimate of the number of steps the wearer takes, despite losing accuracy over time. Distance is estimated by the number of steps and the length of the pedometer tracked by the information associated with the trip or calories. Innovative activity trackers that have been meeting the needs of fitness enthusiasts since 2012 are using sophisticated technology to keep a tab on your movements in three dimensions. Instead of just backward or forward-moving steps, these smart devices can detect any movement from their three-axis accelerometer.

The risk of a lifeless lifestyle

Researchers conducted a study on more than 22,000 Australian adults in 2012 before the fact that prolonged sitting could also cause death. The study also points to a variety of age-related diseases, such as diabetes and heart diseases, which can take the form of a direct effect of prolonged sitting.

Accuracy of modern-day fitness trackers

A study conducted in 2013 compares data from room calorimeters and commercially available electronic trackers such as caloric intake to fat bits, as well as distance treadmill readings. Studies have revealed maximum accuracy about step count, but when first-generation Fitbit monitors reduce energy costs by about 30 30% to second figures, the story has a completely different shape. Opted in ReadMore:  5 ways to hit your fitness goals this new year

Stimulation factor

These fitness trackers are a special hit among those who love data and feedback. You are bound to feel responsible when you can clearly see your activity level and know that the tracker is constantly checking it. It is bound to promote you to work harder as you try to cross the milestone you have set. Trackers record data on distance, speed, intensity, and duration of exercise so you can track your progress accordingly. This way you will do anything to keep your past achievements in the days to come and tomorrow will lead you to a healthier path. If you want to revamp your biological clock more and not tell your sedentary lifestyle in the coming months, having this activity can be your best companion. They can make you more active by logging everything from sitting to taking daily steps, sleep patterns, heart rate, and more.