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Learning Must-Haves: 12 Best Montessori Toys for Growing Kids

Mar 1, 2020 by William Lewis.

Fitting Shapes That is Fit for the Kids – Shape Sorting Cubes

Wooden shape sorting cube is one of the classic Montessori Academy learning toys out in the market. Proven and tested by time, this simple toy inevitably engages children with its colorful and creative design. It stimulates children to recognize different shapes and colors while enhancing their problem-solving skills. That’s hitting two birds with one stone! This is an ideal Montessori toy for two-year-olds, up to 4-year-old kids. It won’t give you any problems as it is entirely safe for your kid — zero choking hazards. And because it is made from wood, you can be confident that it is non-toxic. Perfect for your kid and the environment.

Don’t Let The Rain Go Away With Rattle Rainmaker

If you want your kids to discover a newfound love for sound and rhythm, then Rattle Rainmaker is your go-to option! Let them dance to the imitated sounds of rain with colorful, trickling beads. Develop their senses with rhythmic beats for hours on end. This Montessori toy has a robust design to ensure that its grabbing ability is reinforced as well. Perfect for kids ages 0 and up.

Worry Less With Walker Wagon

Waiting for your kid to take their next step forward? Start it right with the Walker Wagon! You won’t have to look back because this toy is designed to aid toddlers who are just starting to walk. You also won’t have to worry about your furniture anymore with the built-in friendly bumper! Now your toddler can enjoy walking indoors without breaking valuables. For uninterrupted playtime and learning, look no further with the Walker Wagon.

Keep the Ball Rolling With Object Permanence Box

Object Permanence Box is one of the best toys to help your kid develop their eye-hand coordination and cognitive ability. Don’t get deceived by its simplicity as it does exceptionally well in assisting the kid in understanding the world through their motor abilities. With this Montessori toy, they develop object permanence — understanding that objects continue to exist despite not being perceived by different senses. This is suitable for children from 8 months to approximately one and a half years.   ReadMore: Enjoying a day out at the park

Fun-Filled Phonetic Reading Blocks

 With the Phonetic Reading Blocks, you can now build your child’s ability to blend words and sounds together! Twist one block, and your child can learn another word. It is easier for them to learn and absorb because all of the printed words are phonetic and friendly for beginning readers.

A Toy to Advance Your Children’s Writing Skills

Tactile and visual stimulation are some of the senses that must be fortified during the early stages of a child’s life. The texture of the material guides the hand for writing. It also helps the children connect the physical movement of forming letters with the corresponding letter shapes, an ideal Montessori toy for four-year-old kids. If you want your children to advance in writing, reading, spelling, and speech, then this is for them.

Best Montessori Toy for Creative Thinking – Wooden Building Blocks

With its vibrant hues and colorful appearance, Wooden Building Blocks is made to reinforce the image of the children. Children of any age can think of various things on top of their mind and bring that to life with the wooden building blocks. The varying widths and lengths of blocks allow the children to develop spatial awareness. Whether you want to spark their creative side or just improve their counting ability, Wooden Building Blocks will surely deliver.

Building Mathematical Skill With Conical Stacking Tower

What sets Conical Stacking Tower apart from other toys is it can assist the children in developing their ordering ability, an early mathematical skill. Rings of varying sizes are painted in different colors to stimulate the children visually and mentally. Because children love to stack things, this Montessori toy will undoubtedly sharpen their reasoning and creative thinking. It will also strengthen their eye-hand coordination and overall motor skill — a perfect investment for your kids!

Wooden Number Cards for Number Recognition

Wooden Number Cards demonstrates the written symbols for 1, 10, 100, 1000. Mixing and matching different cards will result in a different value. It reinforces the children’s ability to recognize and read the number out loud. This Montessori toy is for 3-year old kids and up only. Small parts may cause a choking hazard. Apart from the mentioned restriction, this toy is perfect if you want your kids to be exposed to numbers right away.

Cultivate Your Kid’s Senses With Music – Wood Kids Musical Instruments

Wood Kids Musical Instruments is a beautiful starting point to engage your children in learning the different rhythm, tones, and volume. With a whopping 11-piece musical instrument in one package, this is a bang for the buck! The bright colors will surely pique your children’s attention, so it is easy to develop your kids’ interest in music with this set. It will also improve their creativity and eye-hand coordination.  This is a suitable Montessori toy for girls and boys.

Rev Your Children’s Learning Progress with Ramp Racer

Ramp Racer does not discriminate as it is one of the best Montessori toys for both boys and girls! And if you are a busy parent, this will surely keep them occupied. Playing ramp racer with other kids encourages them to take turns and interact with one another. This further augments their communication skills with their peers.

Inspire Great Stories with Jungle Research Station Playset

Children’s creativity can be enhanced with toys that recreate real-life objects. The Jungle Research Station Playset helps develop the ability to tell stories by visually stimulating the children with beautiful scenery and diverse wildlife. If you want to engage your kids with the outside environment, then this is the right toy for them. Please do note, however, that it contains small parts and may cause a choking hazard. Kids of ages 0 to 2 cannot use this toy.