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More Than Half Game Profits in the World from Asia

Mar 15, 2020 by William Lewis.

According to a study, Asia Pacific has a high number of gamers; even it reaches half of the world’s total gamers. It generates more than half the profits of mobile games. A research firm that specializes in their work on a video game named Cedar revealed that about 1.5 billion gamers play their games on gadgets; both tablets and smartphones. The fact makes the game profits paid are up to $25 billion on the year-end. The profits come from the games purchasing and in-app purchases to power up the games and for credits. The number of profits comes from 30% of the bigger video game market and the rest is from mobile games; it greatly increases from only 15% in 2011. global games market United and Canada are the biggest spenders on mobile gaming; the game revenue is up to $5.41 billion. Eldar also finds that the Asia Pacific increases fast and will continually grow quicker than western. In Japan, there are 66 million gamers that spend $5.16 billion per annum; the same number in North America that has higher numbers of gamers about 180 million. The second biggest spend gotten in China; $5.01 billion with up to 564 million gamers in the country. The higher appetite of Japanese to games is the main reason for the highest spending. Most players in Japan spend $24 per month, meanwhile, the number is just $12.83 in South Korea. In North America, the players spend $6.61 per month and in China only at $2.88. ReadMore: Keys to Entering the Gaming World

The Game Dominations in Asia

The most popular games in Japan are Mixi’s Monster Strike and Gungho’s Puzzle and Dragons. The fact is harder in China. Android scene’s majority is pieced between numbers of application stores separated by Google Play as the official market for Android. The games developers should make sure that they are listed on the unofficial app stores instead of the official stores so they can get users. Mobile games can grow faster in China than in South Korea and Japan the countries of fairly saturated smartphones coming. It is because of about 38.6% of China's population has smartphones and the numbers will grow up to 50% or about 687 million of population in 2019. It means that game developers China cannot ignore the country. That is why the development of the game always work to make potentially interesting games for the users. They also should always try to enter the unofficial games market in China to gain the sums of users and also the profits.