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The Details of Building Permit in Toronto

Mar 15, 2020 by William Lewis.

What is a building permit?

 A building permit considered as an approval formally taken from the local municipalities. It allows individuals to proceed or continue with any construction. Beyond that, there can be other things also such as renovation, demolition, addition or renovation of the properties. As an official part of the process of building permits, The building permit To Toronto department does review the permit drawings Toronto. However, in 90% of the cases, there is a requirement of the permit. But there are some cases out there where there is no need for a permit. 

Reasons why a Permit is required?

 Generally, the need for a permit is massive, and there are multiple occasions why a permit may be required. Here is a useful list of jobs which does expect or require the individuals to obtain a building permit in Toronto:  1. When there are some additions to be made to the existing buildings: There could be a chance that the individual wants to expand his office or home. Or make some third or fourth story additions than in such a scenario, there will always be a need for official permission. The other additions included in this are:
  •  A: Addition of sunrooms in the house
  •  B: Extension of carports, or attached garages
  •  C: Extension of porches, solariums or decks. 

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 2. In case of any material alterations or structural alterations:

There are many times that we are not happy with the structures, we are living in. It mostly happens in our homes. We are very particular about our homes and look for different ways to beautify it and renewable properly. We come up with various ideas such as wall paints, getting new extensions, some renovations, acquiring new things, etc. All of this is done to make the house a better and more beautiful place. Here are some of the items in this case:
  •  A: Removing or additions of walls such as changing the size of the rooms, bathroom, kitchen, drawing room, etc. 
  •  B: In terms of window and door, enlarging or relocating them. There is a lot of focus which is given to windows and doors as there are of vital importance. 
  •  C: There could be times when there were no windows and doors at all. Hence, the addition of new doors and windows in these structures.
  •  D: Enclosure of some existing deck patio or porch of various sizes. 
3. In the case of a structure of accessory created, which is more than 108 square feet: There could be areas where many different kinds of structures built. One such structure can be an accessory structure. Such an arrangement can see created in various regions of the house, such as:
  •  A: Workshops
  •  B: Carports
  •  C: Garden Sheds
  •  D: Cabana 
  •  E: Pool Houses 
  •  F: Detached Garage 
4. Basement work: Basement is one of the most critical areas in any of the structures. Also, it is the area that goes into the maximum amount of renovations. There could be several reasons why a basement work proposed, such as: 
  •  A: Material or structural alterations
  •  B: Addition of some suite
  •  C: Underpinning of the basement 
  •  D: Addition or construction of green roofs
  •  E: Installation of the different solar collector systems and the hot water systems 
  •  F: Structures in support of these wind turbines which have an output of about 3KW. 
  •  G: Innovation or construction of roof stormwater which comes up with the retention systems 
  •  H: Construction or extension of a basement entrance 
  •  I: Improvements in the Energy and the environment buildings 
  •  J: Construction of foundations
5. Construction of tents: There are many times, that we indulge in the construction of tents. Now, there are both basic and luxury tents. whenever he was allowed the chance to chip away at the very basic structure which was considered to be very uncomfortable. Now, tents are no less a luxury room. Hence, one would need a permit if he or she is constructing a tent that: A: is seen attached to any of the building B: Tent is within the 9 or 10 feet inches from the other structures.   Hence, if you have been looking for building permits, then we advise you to understand the formal process as soon as possible to avoid any delay.