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How to Maintain Your Pole Saw Blade and Keep It Cutting

Mar 3, 2020 by William Lewis.

Introduction Are you battling with a blunt pole saw from time to time with the frequency increases the more you use it? Well, with the right maintenance and cleaning, you will be able to enjoy a sharp blade every time you use your pole saw. Trim your trees with ease and efficiency. Prune your trees as well as large shrubs as required without any strain. While every pole saw with minimize the inefficiency of having to shift a ladder or take the risk of tiptoeing where there are great heights. Understanding how to maintain your pole saw blade and keep it cutting will meet your trimming objectives effectively as well as efficiently. Materials needed l Bar and chain oil to fill the oil reservoir. l Piece of damp cloth for the cleaning process l A screwdriver to tighten bolts and nuts Step-by-Step Guide The following step by step guide will help you to maintain your pole saw to keep it cutting. With the above materials and this tutorial, you will be able to meet your objectives as well as maintain a beautiful backyard. Here is what to do. Fill the chain oil reservoir Before using the pole saw, we recommend that you fill the chain oil reservoir with some bar and chain oil. This will help promote mobility when it is in use as well as reduce the friction. Check for loose screws, nuts, or bolts Checking for loose screws, nuts, as well as bolts ensures that the piece of equipment is at its best. This will also prevent the risk of accidents when it is in use. You can imagine what will happen if a bolt is loose when it is in use. l Check the tool for any worn-out or damaged parts This is a very important step as it ensures that you will be able to confirm the functionality of the different parts of the pole saw. This also ensures that you do not damage the saw chain as all other coordinating parts are in top shape. Thorough check to ensure all parts are in good condition. Confirm the sharpness of the pole saw blade cutters Using a saw with blunt cutters only damages it further when it is in use. Keep in mind that sharpness delivers on efficiency and effectiveness and in the event that it is used when blunt, the cutter will be damaged and over time, you will find yourself replacing the blades sooner than is necessary. Check the tension of the saw’s chain When the pole saw is in use, it heats up and once it starts to cool, the chain will contract. In this, many tend to tighten the chain as they use it. It is, therefore, important that once you finished and you need to allow the machinery rest as well as loosen it. If you use it again when it is still too tight, it will damage the unit. Clean the guide bar rails after sharpening or replacing the chain Cleaning the guide bar ensures that you do not leave dirt between it and the chain. Dirt and some extra oil can reduce the functionality of the chain and in turn, its rotation becomes limiting when it is in use. Clean it after use Always ensure that you clean your pole saw parts after using it not only To keep it clean as well as prevent dirt. Use a damp cloth to remove dirt. Conclusion The above maintenance guide to keep your pole saw at its best is simple and effective. Many of my friends raised concerns about their pole saw blades losing their touch thus the reason I had to address it. We suggest you try it out and give your feedback. We also encourage you to chip in where you have other suggestions regarding the above tutorial. To help other pole saw users out there to keep their blades cutting, share the article if you found it informative. Retaining your pole saw blade capabilities helps to ensure that you complete your task with ease While at the same time ensuring that your goods will serve you in the long run. About the Author Hi, this is Matt Green, Editor of the A Product reviewer, blogger, and gardening enthusiast. Welcome!! I started this website to help gardeners to choose Ideas for the best garden tools, gardening tips and everything you grow in your plants, fruits, and vegetables. As a gardening enthusiast, I love to spend my time at gardening and planting going to my favorite garden.