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Quality Wholesale Silver Jewelry from Thailand

Feb 14, 2020 by William Lewis.

Quality Wholesale Silver Jewelry from Thailand

There is a high-quality wholesale jewelry designer and manufacturer in Bangkok, Thailand, which everyone in the jewelry distribution business should know about. Karen Silver Design handmade and manufactures silver jewelry at its Bangkok factory. He has been in the Sterling Silver design and manufacturing business for over twenty years. In the meantime, they have become the number one source and supplier of jewelry chain stores, distributors and private stores worldwide. They have established long-standing relationships with these global organizations on the basis of their reliability and ease of delivery and quality of their products.

Easy online order from a vast repository

Having established itself with the jewelry industry around the world, Karen Silver Design has developed many products. With the changing fashion and trends in the jewelry industry, the range of their products is constantly being updated. To help the world's sellers and distributors keep up with the changing fashion and trends, they have also introduced an online ordering and delivery feature on their website. This feature allows jewelry retailers to order beautiful silver jewelry to maintain their stock and meet the demands of their customers. Choose from their collections and easily order online. They accept secure and secure payments via PayPal and direct bank transfer. You also have delivery options. You can choose the standard delivery and delivery within 15-30 days after your order is approved.

Express delivery available

For faster delivery times, select the express delivery option for your wholesale silver jewelry goods. This is an ideal choice for rush or high-value customers who want to receive their goods quickly. UPS handles express delivery in over 190 countries worldwide. It offers to deliver your order within 3-4 days of your order being accepted into their system. If your business is based in Thailand, even more, good news. All orders over US $ 99.00 will enjoy free shipping in Thailand. Domestic delivery will be handled through the Thailand Express Mail service and will take about 3-4 days.   ReadMore: Why You Should Invest in Gold Bars?

High prices and low prices

With Karen Silver Design, you will enjoy the benefits of online ordering and direct shipping to your place of business in over 190 countries. That means you don't have to pay the commissions that middlemen charge. By working with intermediaries and enjoying instant home-based delivery that Karen Silver designs on standard wholesale silver jewelry, you'll save money and be able to satisfy your customers at the same time. Will be To cope with this, you will be able to establish your brand name as a trusted and trusted company, and help increase customer loyalty in your country and business sector. Enjoy the benefits that establishing a partnership with Karen Silver Design will bring to your business. They offer a variety of easy, order payment and delivery options that are offered in magnificent, standard silver jewelry online and shipped to you directly.