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10 tips for taking beautiful Fashion photos on Instagram

Mar 1, 2020 by William Lewis.

For those who work a lot with the image, the importance of publishing, and being able to take beautiful photos is essential. Channels like Instagram are also used to work (as a photographic portfolio, for example). So, your profile should define your style statement, whether it is editorial consistency, a particular style, a certain type of photo.  Here are the best tips for taking beautiful fashion photos on Instagram Nothing transcendental for those who do this job and are a professional, but some useful tips to pay attention, especially to details for those who approach the world of Instagram or fashion blogs.

1: Background

Always pay close attention to what is behind the subject. Even if it does not seem, the eye catches everything that surrounds the main subject, so check that there are no disturbing elements in the background, such as baskets or construction sites.

2: Don’t Use Direct Light

Avoid shooting indirect light because it creates too many shadows, always prefers to shoot in shaded areas created by buildings or in narrow streets, and without too much light. In addition, we always choose to take an early morning or late afternoon when the light is less direct.

3: Create a Natural Pose

Very often, the subject does not know how to behave or how to pose; to create a natural pose, just walk or cross the street, playing a bit with the bag or other accessories of the look, such as a cap or jacket.

4: Walk with your arms slightly open

Another tip is to let the person walk not frontally but laterally, a 3/4 walk; this allows you to stand out the dress even if you are not a model on the catwalks.  Another small detail is to walk with your arms slightly open, to be able to show the look and to create movement.

5: Set Camera on Multiple Shots

The photographer must be good at seizing the moment of spontaneity. So if you are still a beginner, you can set the camera on multiple shots, this will give you the opportunity to capture different moments.

6: Make the subject feel at ease

If you have the opportunity, meet before the photo-shoot to get to know you and thus create a bond that will make the subject feel more peaceful and relaxed. Also, do not shoot continuously, take a few breaks where the subject can fix his hair, and relax his arms.

7: creative spirit

Do not forget that the photographer must be active and full of energy; another very important thing is to have a creative spirit. So think carefully about finding a day that you can dedicate exclusively to shooting. Don’t rush and especially avoid making a business appointment the day after the evening party.

8: Concentrate on small details

Concentrate also on the small details and details that create the look, for example, a particular hairstyle, bag, or shoes. It will help you to gain more Instagram likes.

9: Subject of Photo-shoot

Have the subject of your photo wears a particular suit that catches the eye, a mix of different styles that represent them. ReadMore: 10 Basic Tips for More Instagram Followers

10: good quality technical equipment 

The last tip is to have good quality technical equipment; you can also use your cell phone, but if you want a good job, then we recommend you contact a professional.