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8 Technical SEO issues To fix Immediately for your Online Store

Mar 4, 2020 by William Lewis.

Being an important part of the whole SEO process, technical SEO demands many efforts to get your best results. Understanding the details of technical SEO and finding solutions for any little issue is crucial for your website's success. Technical SEO is all about your website design and construction. It can either build or destroy your business. Even small SEO mistakes will kill your organic traffic and drop your ranking. Fortunately, due to a technical SEO audit, discovering and fixing possible errors is all possible. Learn about some common issues that can disturb your website performance:

1. Duplicate Content

Search engines aim to show the most relevant results, for that they avoid showing multiple versions of the same content. This type of content creation can bring much harm to your website in terms of traffic loss and ranking drop. Keeping relevancy will keep you away from the penalty and will create a positive experience for your potential customers.

2. Spammy or Broken Links

Identifying and preventing broken and spammy links are challenges that each marketer may encounter. To avoid these harmful errors, it is a good idea to audit and fix them. It not only hurts user experience but can fully destroy your SEO ranking. Due to a number of tools, it is easy to find and fix links that may harm your website performance.

3. No HTTPs Security

Many marketers ignore the importance of SSL certificate while making a choice between HTTP and HTTPs, however, it really matters.HTTPs is a more secure version and protects your website, besides it is a ranking factor for search engines. Take into consideration choosing the safe option for several reasons:
  • It helps your ranking
  • It provides a positive UX
  • It is secure
  • It gives an ability to use AMP

4. Title Tag Issues

Title tags appear in SERPs and play a great role in terms of usability. It should include an accurate and relevant description of a website since it is an important SEO factor. The title tag may also influence social sharing, user experience, and marketplace competition. So, optimizing your title tags is essential for different factors, as well as increases click-through rate.


5. Either Long or No Meta Descriptions

Many marketers think that meta description is not an important ranking factor and they do not give proper attention to it. Maybe not directly, but it really matters. Keeping the length between 50~160 characters is the best option since it is the maximum letters that Google shows, If it is missing, Google itself will choose some part from your content, considering it the most relevant, which sometimes may not give the desired results.

6. Poor Speed

Speed is very essential for your website when we speak about SEO and UX. WithGoogle Speed Update the websites which have poor load time will immediately drop their ranking, as it is an essential ranking factor. Besides, loading speed can cause people to leave your website harming your sales and conversions. There are different speed testing tools that you can use for optimizing and improving it.

7. Overuse of On-Page Links

Link building strategy is an important factor for On-Page SEO. The number of links as well matters since it impacts on your website performance. Relevance and sufficient quantity should be on the possible highest level, otherwise, it will be considered as spammy. Besides, if your links are broken and are not from authority websites, they will be penalized by Google. Getting a good link-building plan will be an ideal solution.

8. Lack of Mobile-Friendliness

Mobile-friendliness and mobile optimization are maybe the most discussed issues in the online marketplace. With the massive use of mobile gadgets searching on mobile phones has become the most popular way of using search engines. Hence, failing mobile optimization means loss of traffic, sales, and revenue. What is more, you need to start thinking about mobile apps and mobile-first design. Since the coming years prevent that more people will use mobile gadgets over desktops for accessing the online world.


Technical SEO, of course, is not an easy task, however, it is essential for having a good well-rounded organic search campaign. Keeping your website free of errors has a crucial role, hence, you need to fix them as soon as possible in order to reach your customers, have business growth and keep up with the competition. Although digital marketing is not limited to SEO, it continues to be an important tactic for your business success. Search engines are the best source of organic traffic. As 67% percent of people will click the first five results in SERPs, you need to follow all types of SEO and its details. If you do not have enough time or experience, you can find SEO experts, that will guarantee great business results. Fixing technical SEO issues should be an inseparable part of your marketing campaign. It is directly connected to your website performance, ranking and success.