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The Complicated Legacy of 'Star Wars' and The Rise of the Sky Walker

Dec 22, 2019 by Andrew S Gillis.

The film is already sparking controversy, but in many ways, it's the only way the story could have ended. [This story contains spoilers for Star Wars: Rise of the Sky Walker] Obi-Wan told Luke Skywalker during Jedi's return (1983), "What I told you was true from a particular point of view." "A particular theory?" Luke gave an incredible response. Obi-Wan replied, "You will find that we are too much dependent on many truths to depend on our point of view." This exchange may be the most important one in the Star Wars franchise, which allows. Retcons, revelations, and for fans to maintain their purity. And until then, this is the thing, at least for me, that bridges the gap between Ryan Johnson the Last Jedi (2017) and JJ. Abrams' The Rise of the Sky Walker, both controversial films that have different ideas about what Star Wars is and what should be. It was always going to end like this. It seemed inevitable that no matter how the Sky Walker saga came to an end, it would receive unjustified criticism and would be broken into two pieces. Whoever took the helm, Colin Trevorone, Abrams, Johnson, or George Lucas himself, suffered a severe backlash. And so we have a reaction here, with The Rise of the Sky Walker currently sitting at 57% on Rotten Tomatoes, the lowest in Phantomize, except 53% of Phantom Menace (1999). Although the audience score is high, most of the critical reactions point to Abrams' film. As far as the latter complaint, which is the easiest to resolve in the context of the saga, I'm not exactly sure how to stop the services of fans in great art and still Provides a satisfactory result.