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Watch UK TV in Germany: Pros and Cons

Mar 4, 2020 by William Lewis.

Whether you want to move out of the country, have a small visit to Germany, or maybe for traveling, you will surely face the challenge of watching UK TV live. Because of geo-restrictions or geo-blocking, watching UK TV abroad has become possible only due to TV streaming companies, Cable TV, satellite or other similar tools. In order to avoid these inconveniences, many TV streaming companies have created some advanced technologies and solutions for getting quick access to your favorite channels and TV shows. Due to the latest UK Pay-TV offer is known as NOW TV and its devices, anyone can get and enjoy these channels. Now TV subscription allows to choose your favorite TV packages, and enjoy them wherever you are: no matter it is Berlin, Munich, Hamburg or any other place. Although the accessibility of Now TV in Europe has brought many advantages to it, like any other European country, watching UK TV in Germany also has its pros and cons. Let us see some:

Pros of Watching UK TV in Germany

  1. Many Streaming Options
The streaming websites make it possible to watch videos as much as you want. The choice and quality programs in Germany nowadays are all possible due to a number of legal accessing options. Although watching UK TV is one of the most discussed issues in online discussion platforms, it is all possible due to Satellite TV, VPN, FilmOn, and many others. However, it is worth researching and getting to know each of their advantages.
  1. Fast, Reliable Connections
TV accessing options that are available in Germany allow its viewers to get a fast and safe connection. Due to them, you are all-protected from errors, connection delays, and bad quality videos.
  1. Instant Viewing from any Place
The new innovative technologies that are available in Germany allow people to get access to their favorite movies, shows, and programs regardless of their place. The service allows its viewers to avoid the disadvantages of downloading and saves your time.
  1. Content is Available whenever You Want
Unlike traditional TV channels, many services have a special section where you can find your favorite movies or programs on demand. They are easily accessible all the time. There is even an opportunity to pause, catch up or to skip the parts that you do not want to watch.
  1. Free-Ads Experience
Many people get nervous about the number of advertisements on TV. They even try to find ways of blocking commercials. However, those who use different streaming devices have a chance to have an ad-free experience and watch their lovely movies without disturbance.

Cons of Watching UK TV in Germany

  1. The Existence of Geo-Blocking
Although there are many options for avoiding geo-blocking, sometimes it is detected as an inconvenience for many travelers. There are people who go in for traveling for 2-3 days, and when they want to get fast access to certain content they find out that the service is not available. 
  1. The Need for Online Connection
Besides the convenience and variety, watching UK TV in Germany sometimes brings some problems in terms of internet connection. Most of accessing options demand high-speed internet, whereas in traditional media you can watch TV offline, without the need of Internet connection.
  1. You need to Pay a Certain Fee
Why do I need to pay for keeping up with my favorite TV channel? This is a matter of concern for a number of British TV enthusiasts living in Germany. However, the problem exists in a number of countries because of copyright reasons and licensing agreements.

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  1. The Risks of a Wrong Choice 
The internet is full of different offers. Some of them are illegal. So, if you do not research the market, you may face the problem of paying much, getting low-quality services as well as viruses.
  1. Limits
The existing limits connected to UK TV arise a number of complaints not only in Germany but in other places as well. People watch it as undemocratic. Most of them think that sometimes they pay for something that they do not need for everyday use.


Regardless of British TV restrictions and geo-blocking, advanced technologies have great solutions for UK-TV lovers to enjoy their favorite TV shows. Watching Now TV abroad is one of them, hence it allows to get all the advantages of TV streaming over traditionally downloaded media. Besides, if you choose Now TV outside the UK, you manage to enjoy the sound and visual quality, avoid download time as well as get away from digital piracy.